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Stalwart Corporation is a company borne out of a strong foundation with steel manufacturers, retailers, end-users, and contractors for over 30 years of experience.

Over the past decades when the company was just starting, it slowly builds its way to overcome the struggle of a starting company. The inferiority towards the competitive market would then push the company to embark on an expansion and modernization of its distribution capability, improving its strategy and standards to create opportunity as a platform in the Philippine steel industry.

Throughout the years, Stalwart Corporation earned the trust of its partners and customers along its path of growth and development as a company. To continuously grow, the solution was scale and modernization. The company would then supply over 200 various steel products and expanding its distribution and logistics. It aimed to be a positive factor in building a good relationship with various suppliers for long years.


Up until today, Stalwart Corporation carries on with supplying steel for various construction and property development sectors with its efficient distribution, excellent logistics, reliable management, and a great professional track record of quality and timely delivery.


Our vision is to be recognized as one of the best steel suppliers in the country, known as a full-range steel supplier with the goal to meet the developing worldwide demand and provide high quality yet affordable price point, therefore holding our position at the front of the steel industry in terms of quality.


Our mission is to deliver excellent service and supply the most noteworthy quality products to our clients. We strive to strengthen our company through the means intended to achieve high productivity, good company culture, and excellent management.


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